Origins of the brand

In 2008, Quicksand was set up by two semi-professional players who decided to transform their unbridled passion into a real job, thus founding a company that markets beach tennis products. The brand garnered instant appeal thanks to its youthful image and the meticulous graphic design of its products. After a couple of years, Quicksand decided to invest in technology, and the Futura project was born, opening the doors to the world market for the Roman company. In 2010, two new Tuscan partners joined the company, from Grosseto to be precise, and within a few years, administration and logistics moved to Grosseto. Thanks to its anti-vibration rings, Futura is the first truly effective system ever adopted in Beach tennis, reducing harmful vibrations for players’ joints by almost 80% – a huge success. From the first Futura 1.0 version, the evolved version of the 2.0. and 2.1 anti-vibration system was also created. Today, the product range includes models with both versions, as well as traditional rackets. Always attentive to the quality of its products, Quicksand is also the first company to certify its proprietary game balls at the ITF laboratories. Synonymous with quality and technology, they have become the most popular balls on the market and, over the years, have become the official ball of the most important tournaments in Italy and around the world, to name a few: various editions of the Italian National Championships, Individual and Team World Championships, European Championships, Pan American Championships, the most important International Tournaments in the world: Aruba, Kazan, Terracina, Reunion, Rio, Santos, Castiglione della Pescaia, Torre del Lago and many others. In 2019, the company also started taking an interest in the Padel sector, which is booming in Italy. Despite the Covid emergency, in just two years, the company developed a collection of Padel rackets, balls and accessories that were very successfully adopted by the Italian market. The company underwent changes in early 2021 and became wholly owned by three entrepreneurs from Grosseto. For both beach tennis and Padel, Quicksand is a company with a worldwide presence through a network of distributors and retailers. It also sponsors a number of top players of different nationalities who are in the ITF Top 10 Ranking, both male and female, pro and underage categories for beach tennis, and has started to collaborate with and sponsor a number of Padel clubs in Italy. Through its support of sports associations, it contributes to the organisation of prestigious tournaments all over the world.

Beach tennis and Padel at the highest levels

Performance and reliability from the first to the last shot

Superior Technology

As our patents demonstrate, Quicksand is at the forefront of research into materials and the functional design of rackets. That’s why during the game you get less stress on your wrist and you have perfect control even on the most powerful rackets!

Easy handling

A famous advertising read “Power is nothing without control”, nothing more true, especially in a sport where even the smallest variation in the angle of impact is decisive. Choose the balanced racket for your style of play!


The weight of the racket is decisive for the power impressed on the ball, it is simple physics … Unless the internal and external structure of the frame is designed by Quicksand to give maximum kinetic energy to the ball!


Without a stable racket, part of the energy is dispersed in the form of involuntary vibrations or bending, losing power and stressing the hand, wrist and forearm. If you have not tried Futura 2.0 technology you do not know what stability is!

Futura 1.0 and Futura 2.0 Antivibration System

The Futura system is a device designed specifically for beach tennis rackets.

The Futura system is a device designed specifically for beach tennis rackets.

It allows you to consistently reduce the vibrations caused by continuous impact with the ball, preventing joint trauma to the wrist, elbow and shoulder and, at the same time, maintains the level of playability of the racket very high.

There are two fundamental characteristics of this system: the profile of the tool increases from the usual 18mm to 24mm, the second, more significant, consists of the insertion into the arms that make up the heart of the racket of a ring transformed into a loop for the second series.

The vibrations from the plate towards the handle must necessarily pass through these two channels, the hole of the ring disperses the vibrations so as not to reach the handle at all, and then reach the player’s joints.

In the 2019 collection, the Futura 2.0 system is adopted for the Silver Club, Nolook Black, F50 and Ninja models while the Futura 1.0 system is adopted for the Nolook Classic, Iceman and Colibrì models.