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Discover the Futura 2.0 System

Beach tennis rackets are carefully designed gaming tools to ensure a comfortable and high-performance playing experience on the sand.

The Futura system is a device specifically designed for beach tennis rackets. It significantly reduces vibrations generated by repeated impacts with the ball, minimizing the risk of joint injuries to the wrist, elbow, and shoulder, while maintaining excellent playability.

The Futura system distinguishes itself with two fundamental features.

The first is the increase in the tool’s profile, going from the usual 18 mm to 24 mm, enhancing the power of the shot.

The second feature involves the insertion of a ring inside the arms that make up the racket’s core, which is transformed into a loop for the second series. This allows vibrations traveling from the face to the handle to pass through these two channels, while the hole in the ring disperses vibrations so that they do not reach the handle, thereby reducing the risk of player joint injuries.

Thanks to its innovative design and vibration-reducing capabilities, the Futura system can assist players in improving their control, precision, and shot power.