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Silver Padel K12 2023

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Silver Padel K3 2023

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Cuchilla Junior

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P-One 2023

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Think 2023

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Q 23

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Ready 2023

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No Look Padel 2022

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P-One Padel

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What is the difference between a round, drop, or diamond-shaped racket?

Round rackets are defined as control rackets as they are designed to offer greater ball control. They are ideal for players who prioritize control in their game.

Diamond and drop-shaped rackets are created for those who prefer a more aggressive playing style. These types are suitable for intermediate or advanced players, but rackets with this shape can also be found for beginners.

Round: This type of racket, more maneuverable and agile, is ideal for players new to the world of padel or those who focus on control in their game. The round shape promotes greater precision with each shot.

Drop: These types of padel rackets are recommended for players seeking balance in their game, whether they play on the backhand or forehand side. This racket type provides more power without sacrificing control, with a balanced feel and a sweet spot for maximum comfort during play.

Diamond: This format of padel racket is characterized by an attacking style, with a balance shifted towards the head of the racket. When executing a smash, the racket moves and aids in performing these defining shots. This padel racket is recommended for more advanced players, featuring a smaller and shifted sweet spot towards the face of the racket.