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Silver Padel K12 2023

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Silver Padel K3 2023

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Cuchilla Junior

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P-One 2023

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Think 2023

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No Look Padel 2022

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Pro Backpack Multicolor

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How to Play Padel?

Padel is a dynamic sport that combines elements of tennis and squash. Similar to tennis, opponents position themselves diagonally to the server and must wait for the ball to bounce once on the floor before hitting. Only in response to the serve is it necessary to wait for the bounce. In other cases, you can hit the volley. The ball can bounce off the walls within your court and then into the opponent’s court: in padel, the ball can bounce a second time (before being hit) but only on the walls of your court before going into the opponent’s court.

What Are Its Main Features?

Padel Racket:

The padel racket is short and comes in different shapes for various styles of play. Round rackets are known as “control” rackets, providing greater ball control. Diamond and drop-shaped rackets are designed for those who prefer a more incisive and aggressive playing style, generally recommended for intermediate or advanced players.

Padel Scoring

The rules and scoring of padel are very similar to tennis, and the match is won best out of three sets. The serve is underhand, and balls can be played off the glass walls, similar to squash. The rules allow for the use of the back wall, making game times generally longer compared to a tennis match.

A padel match can follow various formats, including the “short game” and the “tie-break.”

Short Game: In a short game, the pair that wins four games is awarded the victory, provided they have at least a two-game advantage over the opponents. If both pairs tie at four games each, a tie-break is played.

7 or 10-Point Tie-Break: When the match is tied at the end of the games, a tie-break is played to determine the winners. The pair that reaches the specified points wins the tie-break and the match, provided they have at least a two-point advantage.

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